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7 Best Techniques for How to Use Nano Urea for Plant Growth

What is Nano Urea?

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO), India’s largest seller of fertilisers, has developed a revolutionary product Nano Urea (Liquid) Fertilizer for the agricultural sector with their patent on it. It is also approved by the Government of India. A bottle of Nano Urea can replace a bag of Urea easily. In collaboration with ICAR- KVKs, Research Institutes, State Agriculture Universities and progressive farmers of India, this product has been tested in 11,000 different locations over 90 types of crops.

Buying Nano Urea makes a lot of sense owing to the extensive benefits it offers: -

  • It’s made with environmentally friendly technology because neither energy nor resources are used in its industrial manufacturing.
  • It is also eco-friendly due to reduction in the leaching and gaseous emissions by preserving the nutrients in the agricultural fields that are used to be the contributing factors of environmental and climate degradation.
  • Nano Urea reduces the usage of Urea as it is developed with the help of Nanotechnology and is required lesser in amount.
  • Moreover, it helps to maintain the air, water and soil for long-term usage.
  • Pocket friendly for the farmers as it lowers the input expenditure that results in the income increase of his income.
  • It produces less waste, which increases plant absorption efficiency levels.
  • Nano Urea is used in foliar sprays which help in the reduction of wastage as compared to Granular Urea.
  • Nano Urea easily enters through stomata and other openings when sprayed on leaves and is absorbed by plant cells. It is easily dissolved from the source to the sink inside the plant according to its needs through the phloem. For the appropriate growth and development of the plant, unused nitrogen is kept in the vacuole of the plant and released gradually.
  • The transportation and storage of Granular Urea is a serious issue that farmers face because it costs them in transporting the materials to their agricultural fields and occupies a lot of space.

How to Use Nano Urea?

After buying Nano Urea, take one litre of water and add 2 to 4ml of Nano Urea during the active development stages. Use two foliar sprays for better outcomes.

  • After 30-35 days of Germination or 20-25 Days of Transplanting, the first spray should be applied.
  • The second spray should be applied before the crop begins to flower or 25 days after the application of the first spray.
  • It is advised to use a mask for your face while using the Nano Urea on the crops, though it is non-toxic and harmless. Keep it in a dry place under extreme temperatures and it should be unreachable to the hands of children and pets.

The Nano Urea (Liquid) Fertiliser has been evaluated by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) criteria, the Government of India, and OECD international guidelines for bio-safety and toxicity.

Best Ways to Use Nano Urea:

  • Before the addition of Nano Urea into the water, it is highly recommended to shake the bottle well before use.
  • For the application of Nano Urea on crops, use a flat fan or a nozzle with a cut tip for equally spraying the foliage.
  • The best time to spray it on the crops is either in the morning or evening to avoid the dew.
  • If rain falls within 12 hours of the Nano urea spray, it is advisable to repeat the spray.
  • It can easily be mixed with Bio Stimulants, compatible agrochemicals that and 100% water-soluble fertilizers. To ensure its compatibility it is advised generally to do a jar test before combing and spraying it.
  • Avoid spraying on rainy or windy days.