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  • What is Nano Urea (liquid)?
    Nano Urea (liquid) is a Nanofertilizers. It contains nano nitrogen particles of size range (20-50 nm) dispersed in water. Total nitrogen concentration in one bottle of Nano Urea (liquid) is 4 % (40,000 ppm).
  • What is the packing size of Nano Urea (liquid)?
    Currently, Nano Urea (liquid) is available in 500 ml HDPE bottles. 1 carton of Nano Urea (liquid) depending on size may contains 12 bottles or 24 bottles.
  • What is the benefit of Nano Urea (liquid)?
    Nano Urea (liquid) when sprayed on the leaves easily enters through stomata and other openings and fulfils nitrogen requirement of crops. Because of its unique size and surface area to volume ratio, it effectively addresses crop nutrient requirement. It results in reduced nutritional stress, better growth and yield attributes of crops.
  • What is the quantity of Nano Urea (liquid) required for applying to crops?
    Recommended rate of application of Nano Urea (Liquid) – 4 % N conc. is 2 ml / litre of water or 250 ml / acre / spray (Note:125 litre of water is sufficient for spraying 1 acre (0.4 ha) of field).
  • When should we apply Nano Urea (liquid)?
    It is recommended to go for 2 foliar sprays of Nano Urea. One spray should be at active tillering / branching stage (30-35 Days after Germination or 20-25 Days After Transplanting) and another at interval of 20-25 days after 1st spray or before flowering of crop.
  • How much quantity of bulk urea can be reduced by application of Nano Urea?
    One 500 ml bottle of Nano Urea (liquid) can effectively replace at least 1 bag of top-dressed Urea. Top-dressed Urea applied at later stage of crop (2nd or 3rd split) should be reduced. Basal nitrogen supplied through DAP or complex fertilizers should not be reduced as it is required for development of good crop canopy for better efficacy of Nano Urea spray.
  • How many times one should apply Nano Urea (liquid) to a crop?
    Normally two sprays of Nano Urea are sufficient, but number of sprays can be increased or decreased depending upon crop, its duration, and its overall nitrogen requirement.
  • If rains occur after Foliar spray of Nano Urea, what should be done?
    If rains occur within 12 hours of foliar application of Nano Urea, it is recommended to repeat the spray.
  • Can I apply Nano Urea mixed with 100 % WSF’s; Bio stimulants or pesticides? Are they compatible?
    Nano Urea can be easily applied with most of the 100 % WSF’s; Bio stimulants or pesticides but is always recommended to go for jar test before mixing and spraying.
  • Can we apply Nano Urea through soil or drip?
    Nano Urea (liquid) is recommended for application only as a foliar spray at critical growth stages of crops.
  • From where can I get Nano Urea (liquid)?
    Nano Urea (liquid) is available at IFFCO member cooperatives (PACS), Farmer Service centers: IFFCO Bazar centers and retail outlets. Now farmers can also order it online from www.iffcobazar.in.
  • How 0.2 -0.4 % of nano urea liquid foliar spray is better that 2 % normal urea foliar spray?
    Nano urea has ‘slow and sustained release’ action and better response in crops. In nano urea encapsulated nano particles are embedded in a carbon biopolymer which is also a source of energy and trace elements. Overall nitrogen assimilation is better in case of Nano urea in plant system. In case of normal urea solution and its foliar application a ‘burst release’ phenomenon is observed for a short time which is not uniform. It may also lead to scorching and predominance of diseases and pests in crops.

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