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Higher Crop Yields

Higher Crop Yields

  • Average Yield increase up to 8% have been recorded as per 11,000 field trials conducted across India during 2019-20​​
  • Higher crop yields are observed due to enhanced chlorophyll and photosynthesis and increase in root biomass and number of effective tillers /branches etc.​
Increase in Farmers’ Income​ ​

Increase in Farmers’ Income​ ​

  • IFFCO Nano Urea leads to increase in farmers’ income due to:​​
    • Reduction in Input Cost​
    • Higher Crop Yield​​
    • Better Price because of better Quality crop.​​
  • Average increase in income of Rs 2k- 4k per acre have been registered as per Farmer Field trials ​
Better Food Quality​ ​

Better Food Quality​ ​

  • Nutritional quality of harvested produce is better in terms of protein and nutrient content​
  • Crops harvested using IFFCO Nano Urea are safe for consumption​
Reduction in Chemical Fertilizer Usage​

Reduction in Chemical Fertilizer Usage​

  • IFFCO Nano Urea rationalizes application of bulk nitrogenous fertilizers like Urea​
  • Enhanced use efficiency of one bottle (500 ml) of IFFCO Nano Urea can potentially replace at least 1 bag of conventional urea​
Environment​ Friendly​

Environment Friendly

  • Production of IFFCO Nano Urea is energy and resource friendly​
  • It reduces excess application of bulk urea and associated volatilization as well as leaching and run off losses​
Easy to Store & Transport ​

Easy to Store & Transport ​

  • IFFCO Nano Urea has a significant impact in terms of relative logistics and warehousing cost​
  • Farmers can easily carry bottles of Nano Urea physically over bulky Urea bags​​​
Nano Fertilizer: The Science Behind It 

Nano-fertilizers consist of nanomaterials (NMs), which are defined as materials in size range of 1 to 100 nm at least in one dimension. Because of the effect of dimension(s) nanomaterial's possess improved properties or phenomena. Due to higher surface area to volume size ratio, their availability and absorption is manifold. They have dynamic physical and chemical properties over their conventional counterparts.

"Nano-fertilizers are fertilizers, fertilizer bulk materials or extracts of botanical, microbial or animal origin manufactured through chemical, physical, mechanical or biological methods either through TOP-DOWN or BOTTOM-UP manufacturing process." ​

Towards Sustainability...

Nano urea is a potential component of 4 R nutrient stewardship as it promotes precision and sustainable agriculture. It promotes clean and green technology as its industrial production is neither energy intensive or resource consuming.

Nano Urea confirms to Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India guidelines for evaluation of Nano Agri-input products (NAIPs). These guidelines are harmonised as per approved international norms & OECD protocols. Nano Urea has been declared safe for the user and the environment as per tests conducted by NABL accredited and GLP certified laboratories.

​ Nano Urea therefore, stands as a promising, sustainable and environmental friendly solution to conventional bulk nitrogenous fertilizers like Urea.

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Nano Urea (liquid) is a nanofertilizer. It contains nano nitrogen particles of size range (20-50 nm) dispersed in water. Total nitrogen concentration in one bottle of Nano Urea (liquid) is 4 % (40,000 ppm).​
Nano Urea (liquid) when sprayed on the leaves easily enters through stomata and other openings and fulfils nitrogen requirement of crops. Because of its unique size and surface area to volume ratio, it effectively addresses crop nutrient requirement. It results in reduced nutritional stress, better growth and yield attributes of crops.​
Currently, Nano Urea (liquid) is available in 500 ml HDPE bottles. 1 carton of Nano Urea (liquid) depending on size may contains 12 bottles or 24 bottles.
Price of Nano Urea (liquid) is Rs 240 / 500 ml bottle. It is 10 % less than the price of a 45 Kg bag of conventional Urea