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How Urea Benefits Plant Health and Productivity

Often referred to as the king of fertilisers, urea is one of the most commonly used fertilisers to promote growth and maintain optimal health in plants. This is a well-known fact that every plant needs certain nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, in order to thrive. Each one of these nutrients has its own way of benefiting the plant. For example, nitrogen promotes photosynthesis in a plant and is required for good vegetative growth and lush, green leaves. So, if plants don’t get enough nitrogen, it can lead to several growth-related issues in them. Urea is a chemical compound that is known for its high nitrogen content (approximately 46%). So, urea fertilizer is suitable for plants that need large quantities of nitrogen or have developed a nitrogen deficiency.

What is Urea?

Urea is a white, crystalline organic chemical compound that is formed naturally when the human body metabolises protein. Since it is rich in nitrogen, there are several benefits of urea for plants. It not only treats nitrogen deficiency in the plant but also enhances the overall soil fertility. The best thing is that urea can adapt to almost any kind of soil as it has a neutral pH. Till now, granular urea has been the first choice of farmers as well as gardeners when it comes to using a nitrogenous fertiliser for plants. But thanks to several technological advancements, nano urea liquid has also emerged as a better, more cost-efficient alternative to conventional urea.

As the name suggests, nano urea is a fertilizer that has been produced with the help of nanotechnology and is made available in liquid form. Nano urea is commonly used to treat nitrogen deficiency in plants and can help promote better overall growth and health. This revolutionary fertiliser has the same uses in plants as conventional urea, but it comes with several additional advantages.


Here are a few key benefits of using nano urea liquid for plants:

Lesser Environment Pollution: IFFCO Nano Urea Liquid is known for its minimal impact on the environment. Since it is produced using an energy-efficient, environment-friendly process, it has fewer carbon footprints. In addition to this, it also reduces leaching and gaseous emissions to a significant level, minimizing the chances of any kind of environmental pollution.

Easy Application: Since urea is highly nitrogen-concentrated, it should be used in moderate quantities. Otherwise, the excess product can cause damage to the plant and soil. Nano urea is a liquid fertilizer that can be applied as a foliar spray. As a result, nutrients also get released in a uniform and more controlled manner.

Better Absorption: Due to foliar application, nano urea gets easily absorbed by the plant and can reach specific parts where it is actually required. As a result, nitrogen and other important nutrients can penetrate the leaves, leading to better results.

Cost Effectiveness: When compared to granular urea, nano urea liquid has a higher effectiveness and is required in lesser quantities. So it reduces the overall cost significantly, increasing profitability.

Versatility: With a neutral pH, nano urea is known for its wide application range. It can be used for all types of crops and soils, and you can expect great results.

Offering a wide range of benefits for plants, nano urea can do wonders for their health and growth. IFFCO Bazar is a unified online platform where you can buy liquid nano-urea fertilizer as well as other agricultural supplies at the best prices.