Research Papers

  • Nature

    Effect of nitrogen and zinc nanofertilizer with the organic farming practices on cereal and oil seed crops

  • IFFCO Nano Urea

    IFFCO Nano Urea Presentation

  • Annals of Plant & Soil research

    Nano fertilizers & their Role in Sustainable Agriculture

  • Preprints of Seminar Paper 2020

    Nano Fertilizers – IFFCO Experience​

  • International Journal Of Plant & Soil Science

    Effect of IFFCO Nanofertilizer on Growth, Grain Yield and Managing Turcicum Leaf Blight Disease in Maize

  • Indian Journal of Fertilisers

    Indian Journal of Fertilisers Nano Fertilizers for Sustainable Crop Production, Higher Nutrient Use Efficiency and Enhanced Profitability

  • Research Gate

    Nanofertilizers for enhancing nutrient use efficiency, crop productivity and economic returns in winter season crops of Rajasthan

  • Indian Journal of Fertilizer

    Sales Promotion and Marketing Strategy of Nano Urea (liquid)

  • Indian Journal of Agriculture

    Nanofertilizers for Increasing Nutrient Use Efficiency, Yield and Economic Returns in important Winter Season Crops of Uttar Pradesh

  • Indian Journal of Fertilisers

    Efficacy of Emerging Plant Nutrition Sources as Alternative/ Supplement to the Conventional Nutrient Sources